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Construction of the Viya network is now officially COMPLETE on the
islands of St. Croix and St. Thomas!

We will continue to optimize and certify the network over the next few weeks. During this process Viya will be able to identify and correct overlooked construction pieces or noise on the line. During this adjustment period, customers who have been restored my experience short-term service outages. All customers who are still waiting for service restoration are encouraged to please call 777-VIYA (8492) to request a service appointment. An installer will need to visit your home to complete the final step of the restoration process.

Internet, TV & Phone Service Restoration Status

Get the latest updates on progress in your area.

All of the residences and businesses in your area are connected to the Viya network through a main fiber line which must be restored before your home or business can receive service. Viya’s network is divided up into ‘nodes’ which are the connecting points for various areas. The maps below illustrates the boundaries where Internet, TV and/or phone service are connected on the same node. Each area is colored according to which of the three phases of restoration (outlined below) it is in.

Completion By Island

St. Thomas nodes
St. Croix nodes
St. John nodes

Restoration Process

Toggle each phase for detailed information on the restoration process.

The following steps are currently taking place across the Territory:

Phase1 Step1

During the first phase of restoration Viya removes and cleans up down equipment and lines from broken poles. This phase has been mostly completed throughout the Territory.

Depending on damage, some nodes will be ready before others. As soon as your node is ready we will release an update in the media. You can check the status of your node any time by using the restoration status tool below.


Once you see your area has reached Phase Two, please make sure your Cable box and / or modem is plugged into a power outlet and turned on.

During Phase 2, you will see teams of Viya linemen and contractors in your area completing the following construction:

Phase1 Step2

Raising lines and rettaching equipment onto the poles after they are set.

Phase1 Step3

Splicing and repairing all coax and fiber-optic cables.

Phase1 Step4

Certifying network performance so that it meets all proper specifications.

Please note: Some areas will complete construction before others depending on size and extent of damage. As soon as Phase 2 reaches 75% complete, Viya will activate service on the line and initiate Phase 3.

Once an area reaches Phase 3, a second team will be dispatched to complete the service restoration process, bringing Cable, Internet and/or Telephone directly to your home or business.

phase2 step1

Viya will attempt to visit your physical address to replace or repair your 'drop'. (the wire and equipment connecting the pole to your home or business).

phase2 step2

Viya will activate the packages and services you had prior to the storms.

phase2 step3

Viya will run a test on your line to insure your packages(s) and service(s) are properly activated end-to-end at optimal levels.

If your service
is activated.

Service on

Viya will send a confirmation to our Service Center that your service(s) are working properly.

Service on

Your account will be activated to the packages and rates you received prior to the hurricanes.

Viya will resume your previous billing and consider your restoration complete.

If your service is not activated.

Service on

You most likely need repairs done to your equipment / wiring within the home or business.

Service on

If you are not present at the time, Viya will leave behind a tag, letting you know to call Viya and set up an appointment for a home or office visit.

Service on

Viya will come at your appointment time and make the necessary repairs to the primary outlet within your home or business.

Frequently Asked Questions

A node is an area connected by the same fiber optic converter. It recognizes, processes and forwards data over coax to your home or business. Viya has over 250 nodes across the Territory. Restoration takes place by node. When a node is activated it sends a connection for Cable, Telephone and/or Internet to all customers attached to that node.

Viya has recently completed network construction on both St. Thomas and St. Croix. On these islands, Viya is now in the process of testing and certifying lines and installing “drops” which are the end of line connection from the main road to your home or business. Please call Viya at 340-777-VIYA(8492) to schedule an appointment if you are still waiting to be restored.

The time it takes for a Node to move from one Phase to the next depends on the size of the node, the damage within it, and how many customers it serves. Viya will be restoring numerous nodes at the same time. Once 75% of the fiber servicing the node is restored (Phase 2), the node will be activated and enter into Phase 3. This involves a visit to EVERY physical address in that area. Our contracted crews are trained to move through this process rapidly but the timing can vary. Phase 3 does NOT mean ALL services are completely restored in the Node. Phase 3 could take a few days or longer, assuming the wiring and equipment inside your home/business is in-tact. Please note that during 'Phase 3' your service might temporarily be intermittent as we test and certify the line to make sure it is working optimally. Billing will not resume until your service is confirmed as functioning optimally end-to-end on the correct plan(s) and/or package(s).

If you live on St. Thomas or St. Croix and are still waiting to be restored, please call 340-777-VIYA (8492) to schedule an appointment. Our Business Office Representatives will be able to give you more information on the status and timing of having your Service(s) restored. If you live on St. John, please refer to the map above. Customers in Nodes where network construction (Phase 3) is complete may call for an installation appointment as well.

Once construction on the fiber backbone in your area is complete, we will activate service. Our contract team will then visit your physical address to replace/repair/test your ‘drop’ (the final line and equipment that connects the exterior of your home/business to the network). This should be able to be completed without you being present. However, some customers may have been missed or require further repair to complete activation. Please call 340-777-VIYA (8492) today to schedule an appointment with an installer.

Viya determines that we need to make further repairs INSIDE the home/business or cannot access your home/business’ exterior, an appointment will be necessary. Viya will leave behind a door tag that will instruct you to call and schedule an appointment for further repair.

Yes – Viya will restore all or any wired services to your home/business during the same appointment.

Yes. If you are aware that your Viya cable box or the Viya Internet/Telephone modem within your home was damaged, please bring it to a Viya Custer Experience Center near you and we will trade the box out for you.

Not unless requested by a Viya employee or contractor. If Viya determines we need to make repairs within your home or business, we will assess the state of your equipment at this time. Viya should have replacement equipment stocked inside the truck to make any necessary equipment change. If however, the Viya installer does not have the necessary change of equipment on-hand you may be given the option of either exchanging it at a Customer Experience Center near you or scheduling a second appointment.

All plans and pricing will automatically resume as they were before the Hurricanes once you are activated. There will be no immediate changes to plans or pricing made by Viya. Please call Viya Customer Service at 777-VIYA (8492) if you would like to make adjustments to the plans or services you wish to receive going forward.

All plans and pricing will automatically resume as they were before the Hurricanes once you are activated. There will be no immediate changes to plans or pricing made by Viya. Please call Viya Customer Service at 777-VIYA (8492) if you would like to make adjustments to the plans or services you wish to receive going forward.

During the final phase of Restoration your service might come off and on as we test and certify the line. Billing will not resume until your service is confirmed as functionally optimally end-to-end on the correct plans/packages. Viya will send you a bill in the mail and post to your on-line account with charges resuming the day we certify your service. All plans and pricing will automatically resume as they were before the Hurricanes. There will be no immediate changes to plans or pricing. Please call Viya Customer Service at 777-VIYA (8492) if you would like to make adjustments to the plans or services you wish to receive going forward.

The short answer is yes, once service has been restored to your home or business Viya can add a service to the service(s) you currently have. However, depending on the service, this may take an installation appointment or alternatively could be done very quickly. A customer with a Cable Modem (eMTA box) already in place in their home may easily add Telephone or Internet service to their account with a simple call to the Viya Business Office. Telephone and Internet service both run through the same piece of equipment and can be turned off or on within a matter of hours. Cable on the other hand need to run through a Cable Box. If a Cable TV customer wishes to add Phone/Internet OR alternatively, a Telephone/Internet Customer would like to add cable TV, an appointment with a Viya installer will be required. Charges are applicable for any new service installation. Please note that installation wait times may be delayed due to dedication of resources to restoration through February.

Our efforts are prioritized to restoring all current Internet, Cable and Telephone customers first. We will be making new installation appointments to areas that have working service but there may be a delay in receiving an appointment until we have enough resources available to perform new installations.